Kroger, Target, Publix, or Walmart?

Ok, I’m asking for some serious advice here. We have always done our grocery shopping at Walmart. But when started trying to eat healthier at the beginning of this year, we started going to the Kroger in Cool Springs because they had a terrific selection of fruits and veggies. However, we have since moved to Smyrna, and the Kroger in Smyrna has a pretty rough selection of fruits and veggies…and very little of it is organic.

Another problem with Kroger in Smyrna is that they do not carry the big 5 lb. packages of chicken. We eat a lot of chicken, so I don’t like buying the little 1 lb. packages, which is all they carry. They also don’t carry the kind of cat food we buy for our cats, and the selection for toiletries is very limited. So when I say that we’ve been doing our shopping at Kroger, what I really should say is that we’ve been doing our weekend grocery shopping at Kroger and then spending the rest of the week running in and out of Walmart, Target, or Walgreens chasing down all the items we couldn’t buy at Kroger.

And I’ve had it. I’m frustrated and I’m tired of going to a billion different stores to get all my groceries. I want one-stop-shopping. And I want a good selection of everything I need. (I know, I know, I’m not asking for much). Walmart has everything I need (minus the good produce), but I don’t like the Walmart in Smyrna. It’s too far away from my house, considering that it takes about fifteen seconds to get to Kroger, Publix, or Target from my house. So I want to start doing my shopping at Target or Publix. But I’m wondering if the grass really is greener on the other side.

Any thoughts or advice about the quality, selection, and esp. the prices of Target, Publix, Kroger, and Walmart??



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8 responses to “Kroger, Target, Publix, or Walmart?

  1. mrtroy

    If you find a way to “one-stop-shop,” let me know. If you don’t want to sacrifice on price, you seem to be doomed to visit 3-4 stores when you go grocery shopping. We’ve had Saturdays where we go to Sam’s Club, Aldi, and Kroger, then Missy will go to Publix later in the week. But on the flip side, Missy makes our grocery budget go further than most people can even believe, so it’s worth it.

  2. Target = bad prices (at least from what I’ve seen thus far) – I don’t buy any groceries there unless I’m desperate. Their milk tastes funny, too.

    Publix = the best place to shop as far as experience goes, but also pricey. They have a very good selection of healthy food (better than Kroger, IMO, but i haven’t been to the one in Cool Springs).

    Walmart = I am not a fan. Don’t like their meat and the produce section leaves something to be desired. 🙂

    Personally, I buy all of our meat at Sam’s Club. They have pretty decent prices, but most of all, I HATE grocery shopping and I can buy all of our meat for one month in one quick trip. Love. It. They carry Tyson frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts and tenders, which seem to be the best quality. We’ve also found that their produce is pretty good if they have what you want. Even if some of it goes bad, it’s usually still ends up being cheaper. On a side note, I always tell people to buy their spices at Sam’s. It is SO MUCH CHEAPER. I can’t stress that enough. Assuming they have what you need, you get about 3-4 times as much for the same price or cheaper.

    Good luck!!


  3. Luci

    Ummm…I think you guys should just move to Texas so you can go to HEB since it’s off the chain wonderful & cheap! Just kidding 🙂 Sort of….
    Miss you!


  4. thefinneys

    Hehehe, Lucy you made me laugh. Moving to TX doesn’t sound too bad to me, esp. if it solves this grocery problem. We miss you guys too!!

    Missy, thanks so much for the detailed advice. We have a Sam’s membership, and for a while we did the frozen chicken thing, but we’ve been eating the unfrozen stuff for a while. There hasn’ t been anything in our freezer in a long time…and it’s hard to hide ice cream in a freezer that is completely empty! I’m gonna check out Sam’s produce and I’ll keep in mind what you said about Sam’s spices the next time I need something.

  5. Maryalice

    Does anybody know of a good breaded, frozen chicken finger brand that you love? I may be among the wrong crowd with this question…. considering I’m on the cookie marathon and YES I know what its like to have one’s Klondike stash discovered.

  6. Hallie

    I think the only breaded chicken finger I really like is Chick-fil-a…but I don’t think that’s what you were looking for. Michael’s family introduced me to the Tyson frozen chicken fingers, and they’re not bad. Sorry I’m not much more help than that!!

  7. shawndie

    just don’t choose target they don’t have a wide selection of food at all. they have a little section dedicated to food

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